May 26, 2016

Salesforce To Launch Its New Internet Of Things (IoT) On AWS

May 16, 2016 admin

Amazon’s AWS cloud computing service was chosen by Salesforce to host their new Internet of Things (IoT) service. Amazon already hosts many other enterprise services such as Netflix, Expedia, Adobe, Pinterest, Lyft and NASA. Amazon’s latest earning report illustrates how important AWS is becoming to Amazon’s bottome line, reporting sales […]

Make the most of your CRM this year

March 4, 2016 Megan Totka

Maybe you started working with a CRM last year, but you didn’t get it set up in the most efficient way to meet your business needs. Maybe it’s one of your goals in 2016, and you’re just not there yet. Don’t worry – you can still take advantage of all […]

3 Tactics to Integrate Social & CRM

December 14, 2015 Vanessa Williams

Integrating your marketing efforts across verticals can provide efficiencies and a more complete profile on your consumers. The topic of social media and customer-relationship management, CRM, integration has been a hot topic over the last year or so. Social channels have made it easy to reach and engage your existing […]

Openprise Gives Marketers Easy Tool for Data Management

November 11, 2015 David Raab

When I first described Customer Data Platforms two and half years ago,  all the vendors offered an application such as predictive analytics or campaign management in addition to the “pure” CDP function of building the customer database.  Since then, some “pure” CDPs have emerged, notably among vendors with roots in […]

Why Customer Experience is The Catalyst for Digital Transformation

September 30, 2015 Brian Solis

As a digital analyst, I spend a lot of his time thinking about the future of customer experience. So much so that my next book attempts to rethink the term “experience,” X:The Experience of Business Meets Design. “X” explores experience architecture the various ways companies can design meaningful and shareable […]

Salesforce Advocates That Their App Builder Is ‘The Future Of CRM’

September 3, 2015 Chris Crum

Salesforce just announced Lightning, which it calls the future of CRM. It combines a major redesign of the user experience, which the company calls the “Lightning Experience.” The design is based on feedback from over 150,000 customers. Essentially, Salesforce Sales Cloud has been rebuilt from the ground up.

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