July 25, 2017

Customer In-Store Data to Revolutionize Retail

November 30, 2016 Rich Ord

We all know that online shopping behavior is tracked in order to increase sales, but what about the behavior of brick and mortar shoppers? The Global Director of Marketing for IBM Watson Internet of Things (IoT), Scott Neuman, points out that gathering data about a shoppers activity in a physical […]

The Best Way For Brands to Connect the Dots: CRM Matching

September 21, 2016 Salim Tarazi

Given the “who’s who” list of platforms offering it, CRM matching has truly arrived. And why not? CRM matching is arguably the most advanced way for brands to connect the dots to their target audiences, and then help them deliver targeted messaging. Among its many selling points, CRM matching can […]

Salesforce Builds Out AI for CRM

September 20, 2016 Rich Ord

In a major initiative that has been in the works for two years, Salesforce is integrating artificial intelligence into all of its CRM cloud platforms. It enables any business to use clicks or code to build AI-powered apps that get smarter with every interaction. Their AI system learns from all […]

Twitter Helps Companies Improve Customer Service

August 15, 2016 EnterpriseCRMNews Staff

In a recent CXweek event, Twitter Sr. Product Marketing Manager Jeff Lesser gave an interesting talk about how to use Twitter to improve customer service. “At Twitter we like to think that we have the best platform for doing customer service,” Lesser commented. “The reason we are so invested in […]

How to Manage Your Customers in Emerging Markets Like China

August 9, 2016 Rich Ord

Amy Karam, author of the book, The China Factor:Strategies to Compete, Grow and Win in the New Global Economy, recently was interviewed at Google’s Mountain View campus, providing insight for companies to better compete. “The main intention of “The China Factor” is to equip western-based companies with strategies and tactics […]

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Implementation Vital

Matt Masotti offers an interesting article on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and how it makes enterprise architecture more important than ever. Masotti is a Senior Consultant, Business Analysis, CRM at Avanade. No longer is, “Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation just about whether or not the software had the capabilities to support business […]

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